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How Does The withdrawal Phase Affect Your Affair Recovery

#affairpartner #affairrecovery #marriagerecovery limerence unfaithful Aug 07, 2023
Affair Recovery

The withdrawal stage can cause roadblocks to getting over your affair partner

Affair withdrawal is a period of time after an affair ends where you can experience intense physical and emotional symptoms. It's important for us to recognize and prepare ourselves for when we are in this stage of recovery because by doing so we will be able to avoid reconnecting with our affair partner.

The withdrawal stage of recovery is the time you are most vulnerable to a relapse. So it is important to equip yourself with the help and tools needed to come out of this stage and break the cycle on again off again.

I can help you with this stage as I have helped many of my clients come through recovery without reconnection stopping them. If you feel like you are stuck and would like help you can click the link to my calendar below and sign up for a free 30-minute chat.

I created a video explaining the effects of the withdrawal stage and a free symptom checklist so you will be able to identify if you are in that stage and the help you need.


Click here to watch the video

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