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 Your past does not define who you are. You are who God says you are

Stacey Chenevert

Hi, I'm Stacey Chenevert

Founder and CEO of Modern Day Eve Coaching


This is my Story

I Used To Struggle Just Like You...

The ending of my affair left me in a pit of grief, shame, fear and confusion.

I felt like no one understood the pain I was going through. I was trying to help my husband process through the pain I put him through. And I was nursing a broken heart caused by the ending of my affair.

I was stuck in hidden pain and no where to turn to for the personal help I needed. 

At the time I had no idea what a trigger was much less how to handle them. I also had no idea that seeking closure was just a way to reconnect with my affair partner. 

Most days I walked around in worry about how my affair partner  was doing and why can”t I just love my husband again. This was a very confusing  and frustrating time for me.

But even if you are still in your affair I see you as well. I know what its like to live in the fear of losing the connection and passion you have with your affair partner  only to return to a seemingly empty marriage.


Then I Took A New Action...

But one day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the woman looking back at me. I had become a shell of who I used to be and I was tired of living in pain every day. I was tired of feeling powerless and how the affair controlled so much of my life even though it was over. It was time for a change.

I realized I am not the victim in this story. I can take control of what I allow myself to think about and I don't have to be sad, I can be happy. I began to renew my mind and it changed my life. I no longer feel powerless over my emotions and thoughts. I have escaped the pain caused by infidelity.

I was tired of working on my marriage but still getting the same results I did before the affair, so I decided to look at what I was doing wrong and work on changing how I responded to hard situations in my life.

I decided to be brave and ask myself why I had an affair without blaming my husband for what he wasn't doing to keep me happy.  By doing this I was able to look to God and within to make myself happy instead of looking to my husband to keep me content.

Realizing I lost my reputation and it was my fault, I decided to change my behavior. I no longer wanted to be the person who was unfaithful. I wanted to become a woman of integrity so I pursued inner healing.

Being a Christian and having an affair left me feeling worthless and unsure of how to rebuild my relationship with God after the affair ended. So I decided to learn about who God really is and if I could still have a relationship with him. Since then God has transformed my life completely and for the first time I met the real Jesus and I have not been the same since.


infidelity coach

Now I Am Equipped To Help You Do The Same...

I am a certified life and solution-focused and Integrated Attachment style coach I am also working toward my certification in neuroscience coaching. 

I am a big believer that changing your thoughts will change your life. So one of the biggest changes my clients have received is by learning how to control their thoughts so they can break free from the pain caused by ending their affair. The tool I use also helps to finally get your affair partner out of your head.

I have helped my clients find the following:

  • Clarity about why the affair happened
  • End their affair/ receive  closure
  • How to survive affair withdrawals
  • How to discover your identity 
  • Move through recovery quicker
  • How to regain control over your life after an affair
  • How to manage your thoughts/emotions
  • How to build up your self-respect
  • Rebuild self-esteem and confidence
  • How to prevent a relapse by learning to regulate your emotions
  • Learn how to become self-aware and learn how to heal an insecure attachment style. You will finally find contentment and peace in your relationships. 



Are You Ready To Break Free From The Pain Left Behind From Infidelity?

Here are some ways I can help you… You can sign up for a guide that will teach you how to survive affair withdrawal symptoms. 

  I created a 4-week online self-paced course on How to survive and manage affair withdrawal symptoms.

This course will take you deeper into healing once the affair ends. 

I offer 1:1 sessions where you will get the time you need to vent your struggles and learn how to process through them. The session is all about YOU and your healing.

Your next next step…check out my Work With Me page, download a freebie,  watch/listen/read my content, book a call?  


End Your Affair And Prevent Future Infidelity

Find the resources that are right for you.

4-Week Online Course How To End Your Affair 

Take a self-guided course designed to help you manage the first 30 days of symptoms brought on by your affair ending.

Learn how managing your withdrawal symptoms will help you end your affair and stay free. 


Take a course
1-on-1 coaching

If you would like more personal support and a nonjudgemental environment when it comes to gaining clarity and ending your affair. Also, learn what stage of infidelity you are in a get a personalized recovery plan to help you:

1. Gain Clarity about the truth of infidelity

2. End your affair and heal from the grief

3. Heal your attachment wounds and prevent future infidelity.


Schedule a 1:1 call
4-Week Devotional 

Learn how to grow closer to God after your affair. 


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How To manage the first 30 days of symptoms brought on by your affair ending.