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Are you frustrated with not being able to completely end your affair and get your life back? If so this group coaching program is for you. Don't wait any longer to get your freedom back. Join the waitlist today!


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Do you feel trapped in your affair, or has your affair ended but you feel stuck and tormented by the thoughts of your affair partner?

Ending an affair can be extremely hard. Many times we try to end it only to find ourselves right back in the trenches of it.


I have been there. I struggled to end my affair several times but failed when he would cry or reach out to me. I couldn't stop giving in to his attempts. I loss a sense of who I was.

That's when I prayed and asked God to help me end the affair and two weeks later it was over.

But my struggle was far from over. I found myself tormented by my thoughts of him.  He was on my mind all day and I soon found myself stuck in the pain of the relationship ending.

I was STUCK in grief and it kept me from being present with my family and enjoying life.

I understand and I can help you.

I have created a 10-week intensive group program that will help you end your affair for good and prevent you from getting stuck in recovery. You will be surrounded by community and support. We won't let infidelity steal any more time from us.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to end your affair
  • How to prevent a relapse
  • How to prevent getting stuck in grief
  • How to stop being tormented by thoughts and memories of your affair partner 
  • and much more...

I will teach you the exact steps I used and take my clients through to help them find healing and freedom.

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Below is a testimony from one of my clients:

I cannot imagine going through the grief and pain that comes with affair recovery without Stacey. She has been more helpful than my therapist and trusted friends. I so appreciate her honesty, truth, and acceptance. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is currently in an affair or healing from one.”


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